I’m just about to take delivery of a new set of equipment for video use. Will describe when I get it. Any day now.

Coming soon I’ll be talking equipment on these pages. In the meantime enjoy this: What do Photographers do for breakfast?


Tools of the Trade

An insight into the tools of my trade in corporate media development with limited and strictly controlled budget. How does a one man band like me strive for the best possible quality and deliver on time every time, and what are the essential tools of the trade?

First of all I suppose you need to have an understanding of the type of work that I do. I work for the Education department of a large international IT organisation, providing media consultancy in the production of video to employees, partners and customers. As part of this I am often producing content from concept to deliverable. Also within this I am also to be seen consulting on projects offering suggestions and best practice around productions, I can also be involved in audio editing for training programs, where in house audio has been produced if I am not recording it myself. I am also involved in corporate photography, providing images for marketing communications and education libraries, and for use in training course materials. So as you can see there is a lot going on and it’s not just all about video, or about photography, it’s a blend of everything. Finallly I am also about enabling others to produce their owno content, whether it’s shooting their own videos with borrowed or owned flipcams, or recording their own audio, recording their own screen demo recordings or tutorials, or building their own SME content into an Articulate “presentation”.


video cameras in useStarting with the big jobs I am currently working with a US made Canon GL2 which is a miniDV based video camera. It has many limitations but it is rugged sturdy and gives me loads of control of the image and allows me to connect in external audio via XLR feeds for example. I also have access to a spare Canon which is more of a consumer model but it is handy to have  and loan out on occasions. Moving on down I have a couple of flipcams which are great for those off the cuff interview shots that just need to be done and done quickly. I find the filesize of the flipcam is massive, the audio quality can be poor if not handled correctly and in the wrong hands a flipcam can be deadly, especially if I am the one who has to edit the video once it has been shot! I’ve worked with folks on this on many occasions and built up an understanding of how best to work with a flipcam and produced a document about howw to shoot video with a flipcam.

Supporting the video cameras, there is a host of equipment from lighting, cases, audio equipment, power units, and so on, but that’s maybe something for another day.

To be continued…


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