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Amanda Frescura (Toca Flamenco) uses BeDoubleYou Photography with permission and attribution. If you ever get a chance to catch one of the shows please do – it’s a fantastic night of Flamenco guitar and dance!

Amanda Frescura (Toca Flamenco) uses BeDoubleYou Photography with permission and attribution. If you ever get a chance to catch one of the shows please do – it’s a fantastic night of Flamenco guitar and dance!

Artist Talk: Sarah Choi


I recently had the great pleasure in hosting an event at work for our in house Photography Community of enthusiasts. As the Community Manager for this group I reached out to some of my network of contacts to investigate any opportunities for a guest speaker to come in and give us a talk, a show n’ tell so to speak, and I’m planning on running a number of these throughout the next year.

The first Artist Talk was given by street photographer Sarah Choi who hails from Seoul, Korea, but now lives in Hong Kong. Sarah only started seriously with Photography in July 2013 but since then has gone on to be recognised with an award in the LensCulture Emerging Talents 2014 – one of 50 photographers chosen from thousands of applicants. This is a phenomenal position to be in and the award comes with a showcase exhibition in Barcelona, inclusion in a printed book, and much media and critic attention. But not only that, in those short months, Sarah has also been featured in a number of online magazines including National Geographic, with a promise of an inclusion in a future issue of the paper based magazine.

For me, Sarah’s work is all about light leading to shadow, about rythym and connections between people and the street. Colour is a also key element, but what is amazing is the way Sarah previsualises the shot. She has an amazing talent for this, and a gut instinct second to none.  Sarah says herself that her work is “like music without sound. I try to catch the best moment of that connection and develop new sound in the photography“. I’d say that this street photographer has well and truly emerged!

The presentation went down really well with the group who commented things like “I’ll never look at MY street the same again” and “Sarah is so inspiring and full of love for her subject, what a joy to be able to see her work.”

You can check out some of Sarah’s work on her website or catch up on Google+ or FaceBook Page.


Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Absolutely delighted with what’s just landed on my coffee table! If you’d like to get ahead of the new year, then you too can grab a copy of one of these 134 page Year Planners from BeDoubleYou. Printed and bound in full colour with 16 travel photography images by BeDoubleYou, the planner is a week to a page diary / planner. For more details, see my bookstore on Blurb:

Travel Photography

There’s a classic new photobook available in my Bookstore over on Blurb.

It’s a 100 page photobook available in three finishes including softback and hardback.

With photography from South America, UK, and all over Europe, including France, Germany, and the Czech Republic, this photobook is a cute adornment to any coffee table, and a great Christmas gift.

Watch the video to take a quick preview accompanied by Boccherini’s “Minuet” or step on over to my bookstore to order your copy now.



BeDoubleYou Showcase


Head over to the SHOWCASE tab on this blog for the start of a series of specials where I will be showcasing some of my photographic works by category over the next few weeks and months. The first in the series is BeDoubleYou Street, a look at the streets around us, and most recently there is BeDoubleYou Grub, a wacky look at some of my food and drink photography. Do let me know what you think and keep an eye on updates as I roll out more showcases.

A Style for BeDoubleYou?

It has been done before by many, but I wanted to move my “style” forward a bit, develop it. Having taken some decisions about the name, some time ago, BeDoubleYou, as a name, stays. The recently developed logo, should stay, and get more exposure. I found myself using a new app on both iPad and iPhone called PhotGrid. It’s a terrific collage maker. I found myself grouping loads of similar photos together and manipulating the collage in a specific way. This became repetitive and soon decided that this was it… This was what I wanted to do. This was the style thing I was looking for. With the use of the logo inside the image, here I could perpetuate the brand further.


The Cloud Children


The Cloud Children is a story told and illustrated by the preschool children of the CA Technologies Montessori Children’s Centre, at Ditton Park. Over a number of months the children submitted and worked on their story with their art teacher Tara Nolty, herself an accomplished author of children’s stories. The also worked to illustrate the story with guidance and support from Tara. The Cloud Children comes from their thoughts, their ideas, and their original story concept.

With Photography and Design by Brian Waters, Media Consultant with the CA Technologies Education Centre of Excellence, this children’s story book has been published just in time for Christmas. Self published and professionally printed through an online printing agent, this book is not available online, it is not available as a download, and is not available for the iPad. It’s a limited edition story book commissioned by The CA Technologies “Challenge Accepted” Million Makers team who are raising money for The Prince’s Trust. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the Million Makers fundraising to The Prince’s Trust.

Tara Nolty, the preschool children’s art teacher, was more than amazed when she saw the final product, saying that it was “much better than I had ever imagined.” The preschool children, when they saw an advanced copy of the book, were amazed to see their own artwork in the book.

The book will have an initial supply of only 75 books, so if you fancy getting your hands on a copy, you’ll have to be quick. At a price of only £5
, with all proceeds going to the Prince’s Trust, this unique 30 page children’s story book is expected to sell out fast, and additional copies may not be available this side of Christmas. If you must have one, drop me a line at

The GH2’s Unboxed

Here’s a quick shot of the unboxing ceremony of two Panasonic GH2’s which will be used for video mostly. Starting to get to know them slowly. First test was fine, just need to practice a little more. Had a bit of a panic when I put them on tripods and tried to power from AC. Huh? Then I discovered a tiny rubber cutaway which allows the cable to slot through and still mount camera on the tripod. Not easy to spot at first.

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Toca Flamenco PhotoBook


Toca Flamenco

This Photobook with photography by BeDoubleYou is dedicated to one show held in October 2012 by Flamenco dancer Amanda Frescura with Flamenco band Calima. Amanda has danced with the Bristol-based flamenco group Calima at many venues in the south west of England and in Wales including the Bristol Harbour Festival, the Watershed Latin Film Festival, the Ashton Court Festival, Komedia Performing Arts space in Bath, Stroud Performing Arts Space and many restaurants and clubs in Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Exeter, Cardiff, Birmingham and Abergavenny, and has danced with the Ilusion Flamenca dance group in London.

View / Order PhotoBook on Shutterfly

Cafe Colon @ Hilton, Quito

Cafe Colon @ Hilton, Quito

Born and bred in Scotland, lived in England for most of my life and now living in Wales and working in England I have a fairly mixed up life. It gets better. I am married to a beautiful Ecuadorian, and consider Ecuador as my “other” home. This lovely image is of the entrance to Cafe Colon at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Quito. What stunned me about this shot as I was taking it was the overall colour and the shine on the floor. There’s always something going on at the hotel so it’s well worth a visit even if it’s only for a drink in the piano bar. Canon EOS 400D + 18-55mm Canon kit lens

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