Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Absolutely delighted with what’s just landed on my coffee table! If you’d like to get ahead of the new year, then you too can grab a copy of one of these 134 page Year Planners from BeDoubleYou. Printed and bound in full colour with 16 travel photography images by BeDoubleYou, the planner is a week to a page diary / planner. For more details, see my bookstore on Blurb:


Travel Photography

There’s a classic new photobook available in my Bookstore over on Blurb.

It’s a 100 page photobook available in three finishes including softback and hardback.

With photography from South America, UK, and all over Europe, including France, Germany, and the Czech Republic, this photobook is a cute adornment to any coffee table, and a great Christmas gift.

Watch the video to take a quick preview accompanied by Boccherini’s “Minuet” or step on over to my bookstore to order your copy now.



BeDoubleYou is Busy Blurbing Away


Well I have been busy in the evenings sorting out some of my latest ideas, and I would invote you to come along and take a look. It’s all about photobooks. I’ve started publishing to Blurb, and now have two on there. I will in time be adding more and getting more adventurous with them. First though I tried my hand at “Planner” and “Notebook”.

Planneris a 134 page, 2015 Week to a Page Diary with BeDoubleYou Travel Photography in between each month, and on the cover. If you go for the hardback and sleeved version then you get more BeDoubleYou for your buck.

Notebook is a high quality Blurb produced photo notebook (15 x 23cm) with 100 pages of lined notebook paper. With no specific order and no specific meaning they are laid out as randomly as they were taken, and portray a depth and variety of texture light and shadow. From the light and airy spacious expanses of urban glass, to the ancient and rusting artifacts of a bye-gone steam age. From simple bokeh light reflections to architectural studies in black and white, there’s something for everyone on display throughout this notebook to help with contemplation, spark an idea or entertain the mind.

Check out my bookstore:

For further information or to follow BeDoubleYou Photography:

Anyone for coffee?

To help me with an idea I have here’s a little poll for you.

Thank you for looking and if you have anything to add, then please do not hesitate to comment, below.

New Year coming?

Believe it or not, it’ll soon be time to get that New Year Planner. What will you go for? Why not try one of these?


To help you plan your next trip, or just to coordinate the family activities, this 134 page Planner is available in softback or hardback versions. Illustrated throughout with photography by BeDoubleYou (Brian Waters). January 2015 start, week to a page with photographs at each month start.

Standard Hardcover, Dust Jacket books come with durable library binding and 8pt. black linen covers made of a hard-wearing cotton blend coated with water-based acrylic for extra resiliency. These books include laminated 4-color dust jackets with front and back flaps and printing on the spine.

Beautifully produced by Blurb and available for sale on their site, this year planner is also available in glossy softcover version.

Why not head over to my FaceBook Page to see what else is going on. There’s a photo contest, and lots of photos.


p.s I am always open to feedback so please leave me a comment, or head over to my FB page and join in the convo over there. One thing I would really like to discuss is my next book project. What sort of book would you like to see? I have a wide variety of photographs that may go into a book, but I can’t quite decide. Help me out?

Places where you can see my photography… (updated)

eilean Donan

Almost three years ago on this very blog I posted about where you could see my photos. Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridge and it is time for an update. Way back then I was focused heavily on Ipernity as my main residence for photographs. However since they decided to monetise, I have been limted to the last 200 images being visible. Additionally I have also opened up into different areas where I display my works. I still use this now, but clearly many of the older works have become hidden, and unless I pay up they won’t be coming back.

Flickr is now numero uno. With a massive 1Tb of free hosting, Flickr is now my main site, and I have recently categorised most of the photos into “albums”. This is where I will be posting pretty much everything these days.

Viewbug is a place where I post photos which are worthy of competition entry. Viewbug is a great place to engage with other photographers, but also the potential to win prizes. I’ve won more than 50 awards from both other photographers and judges alike, but sadly never won any prizes. I have regularly however come out in the top 30% to top 10% in the trifectas.

500px is perhaps the next level up. This is a place where I would only post work that I really think makes the cut. Here I have an “affection” rating of over 300, with over 7000 views and regularly get into “Popular” status.

RedBubble is still the main place where I have some of my photography available for sale, and you can buy them as postcards, posters, prints, framed and mounted prints, iphone cases, pillows, throws or calendars! I’ve only ever sold TWO pieces, but hopeful that one day my time will come. Again with this site I tend to only post work that makes the cut, so to speak.

and finally there is also the BeDoubleYou Photography FaceBook Page, and although it isn’t a store for my photographs it is a place where I am regularly contributing to the photography conversation and you can catch up with me. From time to time I will post some new work, or even highlight some of the work of others who have caught my eye. This month I have launched a Photo Voting Contest, which ends on 17th October for submissions and continues through to 31st October for the voting phase. Please note that the contest is open only to UK residents.

That’s about it really, if you have enjoyed this ramble through the places where you can see my work, and want to drop me a note, then please feel free to use the contact form below. Similarly if you have any suggestions, or wish to complain bitterly about this post, please also use this form… I’ve got fairly tough skin! :+)


Want to win a Photo Vote Contest?

Right folks, I have a Photo Contest for you. Straight up! You can win a 2015 BeDoubleYou RedBubble wall hanging calendar (value £20) with up to 3 of your own photographs in it. The theme of this calendar will be “Travel Photography”.

Basically I will work with the winner to produce a final calendar which is every much their design as it is my own.

This contest is now closed. Thank you.


BeDoubleYou Showcase


Head over to the SHOWCASE tab on this blog for the start of a series of specials where I will be showcasing some of my photographic works by category over the next few weeks and months. The first in the series is BeDoubleYou Street, a look at the streets around us, and most recently there is BeDoubleYou Grub, a wacky look at some of my food and drink photography. Do let me know what you think and keep an eye on updates as I roll out more showcases.

A Style for BeDoubleYou?

It has been done before by many, but I wanted to move my “style” forward a bit, develop it. Having taken some decisions about the name, some time ago, BeDoubleYou, as a name, stays. The recently developed logo, should stay, and get more exposure. I found myself using a new app on both iPad and iPhone called PhotGrid. It’s a terrific collage maker. I found myself grouping loads of similar photos together and manipulating the collage in a specific way. This became repetitive and soon decided that this was it… This was what I wanted to do. This was the style thing I was looking for. With the use of the logo inside the image, here I could perpetuate the brand further.


The Cloud Children


The Cloud Children is a story told and illustrated by the preschool children of the CA Technologies Montessori Children’s Centre, at Ditton Park. Over a number of months the children submitted and worked on their story with their art teacher Tara Nolty, herself an accomplished author of children’s stories. The also worked to illustrate the story with guidance and support from Tara. The Cloud Children comes from their thoughts, their ideas, and their original story concept.

With Photography and Design by Brian Waters, Media Consultant with the CA Technologies Education Centre of Excellence, this children’s story book has been published just in time for Christmas. Self published and professionally printed through an online printing agent, this book is not available online, it is not available as a download, and is not available for the iPad. It’s a limited edition story book commissioned by The CA Technologies “Challenge Accepted” Million Makers team who are raising money for The Prince’s Trust. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the Million Makers fundraising to The Prince’s Trust.

Tara Nolty, the preschool children’s art teacher, was more than amazed when she saw the final product, saying that it was “much better than I had ever imagined.” The preschool children, when they saw an advanced copy of the book, were amazed to see their own artwork in the book.

The book will have an initial supply of only 75 books, so if you fancy getting your hands on a copy, you’ll have to be quick. At a price of only £5
, with all proceeds going to the Prince’s Trust, this unique 30 page children’s story book is expected to sell out fast, and additional copies may not be available this side of Christmas. If you must have one, drop me a line at

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