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Not the Best in my Book!


 I needed to produce a Photobook. I normally use Blurb, especially if I want to sell on the book. However on this occasion I wasn’t really thinking about selling the book. It was specifically going to be a prize for a photo challenge at work. I was going to get 8 copies. I built the book from scratch on Shutterfly, with 34 photographs in it, in a 20 page photobook, hard bound. I was building it in my spare time, and it took over two days of spare time to do. I was pretty pleased with the end result. They folks who were going to be getting it as a prize we’re going to be pretty chuffed. When I was finally happy with it, and I normally check these things over again and again, then spell check, then check it again, because I’m like that, I finally went to my cart and pressed the purchase button. And that’s when it all went wrong. For some reason the cart wouldn’t complete. So, thinking it was a browser issue I went to Chrome. Did it again, to no avail. Same result. Then I got a chat help pop up, so I used it. After about half an hour of chatting and waiting and explaining, I was no further forward, the person on chat simply said I am not authorised to complete your purchase for you so you will have to phone the number below. So I did. After some time I got through to someone in customer service and explained the whole issue again. It seemed that this person knew immediately what the problem was because they had an issue with the system not recognising a UK postcode. So I asked if I left the cart and phoned back tomorrow they would be able to help me. No sir, this problem will take two weeks to fix! TWO WEEKS? 

So there we are. Shutterfly, have an outstanding fault on their website which currently doesn’t recognise a UK postcode and therefore cannot take my order for 8 books. The overall total was about £390 but there was a voucher code and it was what I thought an impressive £203 to pay at the end of the day all in. I gave them the benefit of the doubt for a day or so before deciding to take a look at Blurb. I didn’t really fancy reconstructing the book from scratch all over again, particularly since it took two days on SF. 

The day I eventually decided to try Blurb, I couldn’t believe it. It was quicker, it was easier, more flexible page design, with more options, plus of course, there’s the additional element of being able to sell the book and set profit etc., which although wasn’t the plan, you never know how things might change. But what really grabbed me when I finally got the blurb version finished. It was £221 with no discounts, so effectively, after all that, Blurb was better value, quicker delivery too. 

So in summary, Blurb is cheaper, more vfm, faster, and easier to use. Although I have created with SF in the past and been very happy with the book quality, I will more than likely stick with Blurb as this experience has proved to me that Shutterfly may well be a big name, but definitely not the best in my book (pardon the pun).


BeDoubleYou’s View of the Street


I recently had the great fortune to meet the award winning “emerging talent” in street photography, +Sarah Choi It was a real eye opener, a pleasure to work with Sarah, but ever since then I’ve started noticing and expanding my view of the genre. So who has caught my eye?

+Jianwei Yang has an amazing attention to detail in shadows, geometry, line and can tell a story with the simplest of images.

+Swee Oh
initially caught my eye with some of her black and white architectural work, and blew me away with some of her blue series.

took me with her work on the streets of Berlin, with shadow featuring highly.

+Valerie JardinThe master at work? Valerie is soon running some workshops jointly with Marie in London. These would be a great attend for those serious about street.

+Chaz Wright The photography of Chaz Wright is quirky, but I do like his work on the streets of Japan in black and white. When you look at some of his photos you think, ‘What’s the story here?’ and then his “title” grabs you and pulls you into the photo.

+Ina GatIna Gat is an amateur photographer from Berlin who not unlike many others has a day job. Fabulously dark and powerful images a lot of black and white, and great use of light and shadow on the street.

+Dako H.Dako H is a street photographer from Seoul. Captures almost exclusively in b&w, with some colour shots now and then. Wonderfully minimalistic in approach and a fantastic eye for geometry and shadow as a background to the human element on the street.

+Bernd SchaefersI have long been a fan of Bernd with his distinctive black and white studies of his Travels from Germany to Hong Kong. They really capture the mood. What is it with the IT industry? Are we all destined to become closet street photographers? Certainly not the first I have found sharing the same industry as me. (Not saying I am anywhere near the same league – nor even trying to be!)

+Hiroyuki OguraTotally Tokyo! Fascinating B&W insight into life on the streets of Japan. I really can’t explain why. They’re not just dark, they’re perfectly black. The shots could also be ANY city, but they’re definitely and could only be Japan. The shots simply show the human element in the urban street environment.

+Thomas LeuthardI have admired Thomas’ work for some time. He’s going to be teaching at the Out of Chicago gig in June 2015 with sessions like the “10 commandments of Street Photography”. Shame they’re pretty much sold out already!

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty more out there. Street Photography is big, with many more contemporaries out there to go watch how they do it. In my list so far there are rising stars, emerging talents, and established greatness. I’ve enjoyed my introduction to Street Photography and will continue to watch the genre with interest on G+, Instagram, Flickr and elsewhere on the web, and I’m sure I will continue to be influenced in my own works by some of these great artists. Well done to all for making my list. If, you’re reading this and you’re not on my list and want to be… drop me a line! I’ll be updating it from time to time.

Photography on this post by BeDoubleYou. All links open in a new browser window and direct you to a relevant place to view each artists work, for example on Google Plus.

Your coffee table needs one!

New from BeDoubleYou, this 100 page full colour photobook is perfect for any coffee table. With photography by Brian Waters on his travels, from South America to Spain from Germany to Austria, from the UK to Prague, each with a story to tell or a comment to make. Full colour premium lustre paper, with a choice of three finishes, softback, hardcover, or hardcover plus imagewrap, to suit your own budget.

Travel Photography by BeDoubleYou

a photobook by photo enthusiast Brian Waters

Amanda Frescura (Toca Flamenco) uses BeDoubleYou Photography with permission and attribution. If you ever get a chance to catch one of the shows please do – it’s a fantastic night of Flamenco guitar and dance!

Amanda Frescura (Toca Flamenco) uses BeDoubleYou Photography with permission and attribution. If you ever get a chance to catch one of the shows please do – it’s a fantastic night of Flamenco guitar and dance!

Artist Talk: Sarah Choi


I recently had the great pleasure in hosting an event at work for our in house Photography Community of enthusiasts. As the Community Manager for this group I reached out to some of my network of contacts to investigate any opportunities for a guest speaker to come in and give us a talk, a show n’ tell so to speak, and I’m planning on running a number of these throughout the next year.

The first Artist Talk was given by street photographer Sarah Choi who hails from Seoul, Korea, but now lives in Hong Kong. Sarah only started seriously with Photography in July 2013 but since then has gone on to be recognised with an award in the LensCulture Emerging Talents 2014 – one of 50 photographers chosen from thousands of applicants. This is a phenomenal position to be in and the award comes with a showcase exhibition in Barcelona, inclusion in a printed book, and much media and critic attention. But not only that, in those short months, Sarah has also been featured in a number of online magazines including National Geographic, with a promise of an inclusion in a future issue of the paper based magazine.

For me, Sarah’s work is all about light leading to shadow, about rythym and connections between people and the street. Colour is a also key element, but what is amazing is the way Sarah previsualises the shot. She has an amazing talent for this, and a gut instinct second to none.  Sarah says herself that her work is “like music without sound. I try to catch the best moment of that connection and develop new sound in the photography“. I’d say that this street photographer has well and truly emerged!

The presentation went down really well with the group who commented things like “I’ll never look at MY street the same again” and “Sarah is so inspiring and full of love for her subject, what a joy to be able to see her work.”

You can check out some of Sarah’s work on her website or catch up on Google+ or FaceBook Page.


Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Absolutely delighted with what’s just landed on my coffee table! If you’d like to get ahead of the new year, then you too can grab a copy of one of these 134 page Year Planners from BeDoubleYou. Printed and bound in full colour with 16 travel photography images by BeDoubleYou, the planner is a week to a page diary / planner. For more details, see my bookstore on Blurb:

Travel Photography

There’s a classic new photobook available in my Bookstore over on Blurb.

It’s a 100 page photobook available in three finishes including softback and hardback.

With photography from South America, UK, and all over Europe, including France, Germany, and the Czech Republic, this photobook is a cute adornment to any coffee table, and a great Christmas gift.

Watch the video to take a quick preview accompanied by Boccherini’s “Minuet” or step on over to my bookstore to order your copy now.



BeDoubleYou is Busy Blurbing Away


Well I have been busy in the evenings sorting out some of my latest ideas, and I would invote you to come along and take a look. It’s all about photobooks. I’ve started publishing to Blurb, and now have two on there. I will in time be adding more and getting more adventurous with them. First though I tried my hand at “Planner” and “Notebook”.

Planneris a 134 page, 2015 Week to a Page Diary with BeDoubleYou Travel Photography in between each month, and on the cover. If you go for the hardback and sleeved version then you get more BeDoubleYou for your buck.

Notebook is a high quality Blurb produced photo notebook (15 x 23cm) with 100 pages of lined notebook paper. With no specific order and no specific meaning they are laid out as randomly as they were taken, and portray a depth and variety of texture light and shadow. From the light and airy spacious expanses of urban glass, to the ancient and rusting artifacts of a bye-gone steam age. From simple bokeh light reflections to architectural studies in black and white, there’s something for everyone on display throughout this notebook to help with contemplation, spark an idea or entertain the mind.

Check out my bookstore:

For further information or to follow BeDoubleYou Photography:

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Thank you for looking and if you have anything to add, then please do not hesitate to comment, below.

New Year coming?

Believe it or not, it’ll soon be time to get that New Year Planner. What will you go for? Why not try one of these?


To help you plan your next trip, or just to coordinate the family activities, this 134 page Planner is available in softback or hardback versions. Illustrated throughout with photography by BeDoubleYou (Brian Waters). January 2015 start, week to a page with photographs at each month start.

Standard Hardcover, Dust Jacket books come with durable library binding and 8pt. black linen covers made of a hard-wearing cotton blend coated with water-based acrylic for extra resiliency. These books include laminated 4-color dust jackets with front and back flaps and printing on the spine.

Beautifully produced by Blurb and available for sale on their site, this year planner is also available in glossy softcover version.

Why not head over to my FaceBook Page to see what else is going on. There’s a photo contest, and lots of photos.


p.s I am always open to feedback so please leave me a comment, or head over to my FB page and join in the convo over there. One thing I would really like to discuss is my next book project. What sort of book would you like to see? I have a wide variety of photographs that may go into a book, but I can’t quite decide. Help me out?

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