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Accelerating to Unconscious Competence


The four stages of learning or competence, often attributed to Maslow, show a natural progression and growth in competence.

  • learners start at unconscious incompetence – they don’t know they can’t do something
  • in early training they pass through conscious incompetence – as they become aware that they can’t do this thing
  • then through conscious competence when they begin to start being able to do it
  • until they arrive at unconscious competence which is when they can do it without even thinking

Ideally you want all of your people going about whatever they do, knowing exactly what they need to do. When something new comes along, a new process, a new way of working, a new script, or even for new sales people, how can you accelerate your employees to unconscious competence quickly and in a comfortable and safe environment?

Introducing Accelerator from The Creative Engine          

Accelerator from The Creative Engine is a branching eLearning tool, which runs on any Learning Management System, delivers simulated scenarios with immersive content and realistic customer interactions with the following benefits;

  • simulates real world experience
  • reduces time needed away from the front line
  • it’s a reusable asset
  • creates a safe environment for learner practice

Now you can get your people to unconscious competence with Accelerator by The Creative Engine. 

Take a look at this video for more information and contact me below for more, or to arrange a demo.


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