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Birthday Boy


OK, so I turned fifty at the weekend, and I got an iPad, and it has opened me up to new styles and treatments in my photography. I am growing rather fond of two new apps: Camera+ and Snapseed. Either on their own or working together, you can create some amazing instant effects. Here’s one I took of the Oracle Centre, Reading. What do you think?


Ipernity: Lovely New Design but big bad news for posters

OK folks if you are on Ipernity,…. here’s the rub. They’ve just changed the design. GREAT looks sweet, integrates with social media really well, but wait for the shock. They’ve now introduced a pay plan, which tops at £34.99 per annum which maxs out above Flickr!. Also the free plan will revert to a top limit of 200 photos, so if you are currently on free and all of us on Iperntiy are, then one day you’re gonna get a shock when half of your photos disappear from view (not for good, because if you pay the subscription you can get them back). This is a sad moment of realisation for me. The folks at Ipernity have obviously decided enough was enough and have decided to monetize to sustain their business. Unfortunately for me that means either paying up, or finding somewhere else to put all my photos.

Coming of Age

Some would say I came of age recently… others would say over the hill, but for me it is a new dawn because I am now able to use some of the fantastic app available for iPad. Looking forward to finding out more and how the ipad can enhance a photography hobby. I’m already a big fan of the iPad, and really want to find out what it can do for photography workflow.


I rarely do portraits…

I rarely do portraits...

….but these portraits were done at night while walking with family and friends along Weston Super Mere waterfront. I wanted to achieve a decent portrait but capture the sparkly lights in the background in ‘bokeh’. The first two or three attempts came out too overexposed on the face because of the direct flash (hotshoe mounted Speedlite 430EX) You can see the rest of the shots on the BeDoubleYou Facebook page:

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