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What’s my most successful photo ever?

Chef at the Hilton Colon, Quito

I was wandering through some old images on my Ipernity site, and noticed in the stats that this photo for some reason has received the most attention for some reason. But for me three years or more after the photo was taken I look at it and think how bad it is. I don’t like the messy foreground. What does he have on the table with him? I dont like the bottles in the background, they seem to be unbalanced and unevenly placed. Had this been a properly taken perhaps commissioned photo rather than a grabbed snapshot, it would have been a fail for those reasons. Or am I just being my own worst critic?


Judges select my photo as one of their favorites

Cool, one of my photos was selected by judges as one of their favourites. ViewBug is a community of interest to the photographer and they hold contests almost continuously. Worth a look. There are numerous judges as detailed on this page:

It’s one of my favourites favourite photos too. What do you think?

eilean Donan

Advice for Life?

Advice for life?

Deepest and saddest news heard for a while. My favourite go to place when out shopping, even just for a browse and a chat AND my number one place of choice for buying my personal camera equipment and supplies has gone into administration. Jessops stores, around 200 of thenm set to close, nearly 2,000 staff affected.

Update: Just one day later the shutters actually go down for good and it is all over for Jessops. No firesale, no attempt to resolve things. two days ago Jessops was tweeting about bringing us all the latest news from CES, now they’re HISTORY! Shocking!

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