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Toca Flamenco – the movie

Here’s another look at Toca Flamenco – this time with music. For full information see the previous post below.


Toca Flamenco PhotoBook


Toca Flamenco

This Photobook with photography by BeDoubleYou is dedicated to one show held in October 2012 by Flamenco dancer Amanda Frescura with Flamenco band Calima. Amanda has danced with the Bristol-based flamenco group Calima at many venues in the south west of England and in Wales including the Bristol Harbour Festival, the Watershed Latin Film Festival, the Ashton Court Festival, Komedia Performing Arts space in Bath, Stroud Performing Arts Space and many restaurants and clubs in Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Exeter, Cardiff, Birmingham and Abergavenny, and has danced with the Ilusion Flamenca dance group in London.

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Go Pro for Christmas with the latest action camera

This really does look like it was 100% filmed on GoPro and the results are spectacular to say the least. Perhaps this is a contender for a Christmas list. I wonder what tricks were used to keep the image stable, guess they must have some accessories which allow the camera to be fixed and dampened for best image quality.

The Prettiest Village in England

This is the village of Castle Combe, known as the Prettiest Village in England (arguably). It was also used in the film War Horse as a setting, and this can be seen in the shot below:

Green is just Grand

Kevin McCloud speaking at Grand Designs Live, Birmingham NEC, United Kingdom, on Friday 12th October. Kevin was speaking in a panel discussion about Green Deal and how funds will be available designed to help individuals and businesses become greener.

Photography © Brian Waters | bedoubleyou | October 2012

Editing 2 camera video in Premiere Pro

Now the guys at SLR lounge have published a great guide to editing footage taken on a 2 camera videoshoot down to the tiniest of detail. At about 10 minutes into the video is the killer “extension” I am going to have to get: Plural Eyes, used to synch audio from mutliple cameras effortlessly and saving stacks of time and effort.

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