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two camera DSLR video shoots….

Been making some development decisions for myself at work and fortunately this video came to my attention at the very right time. Thanks guys a great piece of video and useful advice.


Boys Dads and their toys…in SPACE!

Quite amazing – imagine if your dad did this to your favourite toy! Read the article on the you tube page if you can, it explains how it was done, and how he was able to find the train after it fell back down to earth 27 miles away.

National Cupcake Week

ImageApparently it’s National Cupcake Week this week. Now there’s a thing. Here’s a photo of some cup cakes made by my Sister in Law in July. Beautiful eh? Cupcakes aren’t bad either! :+)

Prague: City of Culture

ImageJust recently returned from a business trip to Prague and managed to capture a few local shots while I was there. You can catch my latest shots on Ipernity at

Cafe Colon @ Hilton, Quito

Cafe Colon @ Hilton, Quito

Born and bred in Scotland, lived in England for most of my life and now living in Wales and working in England I have a fairly mixed up life. It gets better. I am married to a beautiful Ecuadorian, and consider Ecuador as my “other” home. This lovely image is of the entrance to Cafe Colon at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Quito. What stunned me about this shot as I was taking it was the overall colour and the shine on the floor. There’s always something going on at the hotel so it’s well worth a visit even if it’s only for a drink in the piano bar. Canon EOS 400D + 18-55mm Canon kit lens

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Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle

One of the most iconic images of Scotland, but sadly most folks who visit Scotland don’t go much further north than Fort William. Don’t know what you are missing.

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