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Great Resource – interesting articles and advice

Stumbled upon this great resource. I hooked up with them on twitter, so I can keep up with their advice. Particularly liked the section on budding photographic submitters…


Places where you can see my photography…

King Arthur in the FOD

There are a couple of places where I manage my photos. The majority of my photos go on Ipernity which is a little known website for photo sharing, but is based upon an engine based on the most famous photo sharing website – so it behaves and feels very much similar. The main difference is that I find it to be resident by much more suitable audience.

My Ipernity site:

The other place where I store some of my better works, is on Red Bubble. This is a site which is really geared up for promoting and selling your works, and you can sell your photos as greetings cards, mounted prints, framed prints, posters and even calendars. The main point of Red Bubble is to only post work that you are proud of,…so on Red Bubble I only post my better shots, and there are obviously not so many as there are on Ipernity.

My Red Bubble site:

I hope you will perhaps visit my site and enjoy what you see.

See the World in a New Light…

Welcome to my new Photography blog. I’ll be talking photography, showing off some of my new images, and highlighting some of the photographers who inspire me and others. Thanks for looking in and,… enjoy!

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